Deeply Focus On The Entire Problem

Redivider wants to contribute to, and be rewarded for, building the next generation of network connected industries. We evaluated several different approaches and only after studying the many problem dimensions were we able to settle on our approach. Delivering the highest asymmetric return compared to risk meant focusing on three things — deep vertical integration, long-term political alignment and establishing levels of excellence that can be measured by our ESG approach.

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Prefabricated Data Centers

Traditional large scale data center facilities are over-exposed to forces outside of their control; namely political forces, an aging construction workforce and large scale power availability. Our fund is focused on investing in companies with prefabricated edge data centers. These smaller ~2MW facilities can be deployed quickly in as little as 30 days. They can also be mass produced creating better quality control and economies of scale.

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Opportunity Zones

Twelve percent of US census tracts are Opportunity Zones (8,762 tracts). Governors of the 50 states and 4 territories and the mayor of Washington, DC, nominated the zones, which were officially designated by the US Department of the Treasury. By deploying inside OZs we gain tremendous access to community leaders and can expedite deployment times, receive related incentives and make positive contributions to communities nationwide.

OZ Map

ESG — More Than A Narrative

Combining data centers, Bitcoin and Opportunity Zones delivers the most profound ESG outcomes along with the exceptional opportunity of wealth generation through digital asset transformation.


Not only renewable energy implementation but also distressed property rehabilitation and stewardship.

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First and foremost job creation and preservation in the economic areas that need it the most. Secondly, the development of community programs for skills training and second chances.

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High compliance requirements for Opportunity Zone Funds will lead to higher quality business outcomes.

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Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin as an asset class is growing rapidly yet access for institutions and large families to hold it has many hurdles namely accounting risk, custody, volatility. Indirectly accessing Bitcoin via mining through the Redivider Fund fundamentally solves these issues and delivers significant returns. The additional alignment from the Opportunity Zone incentive make it an unchallenged approach.

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